Inspired by our community’s need for an organization that can provide funds to lift hardworking families and individuals out of a crisis, Spring Creek Cares was established. Other non-profits typically provide monthly basic needs assistance to the most vulnerable like the elderly, disabled, poverty stricken, and homeless but are not able to give the larger one time financial assistance needed when a sudden crisis happens. That’s why CARES is focused on individuals and families that are doing just fine until a critical situation threatens to leave them unable to support themselves. Our heart is set on providing sufficient financial assistance to help them get back on track.


Providing one-time financial assistance to low to moderate income families in Bexar and Kendall Counties, CARES frequently pays for essential living costs such as rent, car payments, auto repair, medical expenses, training and rehabilitation services. Instead of facing the possibility of recurring assistance, potential homelessness or the onset of generational poverty, we are helping people stay independent. 


Originally the Benevolence Fund of Spring Creek United Methodist Church (SCUMC), we have been serving the community for over 10 years. In 2017 our ministry expanded to offer emergency relief assistance to help victims of Hurricane Harvey in rebuilding their lives. Shortly thereafter, our focus returned to Bexar and Kendall Counties and Spring Creek Community Assistance Relief Efforts (CARES) was officially established as an outreach ministry of SCUMC. By partnering with other non-profits, we’re able to identify, vet and provide transformational assistance beyond what other non-profits can give on their own.


A single mom had to use all of her savings to replace the air conditioner in her home. Not long after that, her truck broke down and needed repairs. She no longer had the savings to cover that expense and without a vehicle, could not get back and forth to work. For the first time in over eight years, this single mother had to rely on someone for help. CARES paid for the necessary repairs to the truck and the woman is working and providing for her family without any additional assistance.



In order to give to the community, you have to involve it, which is why CARES has partnered with other local non-profits, community leaders, area churches, and local school districts. With first hand experience, Kendall County Sheriff, Al Auxier, acknowledged that there is a great need for assistance like ours. Identifying and resolving issues is made possible with the insight from our partners. 


Our partnerships with Hill Country Family Services (HCFS) and SA Hope Center (SAHC) involve not only vetting and coordinating needs, but also expanding the level of support we are able to give. By providing financial planning, education and budgeting for families through these partnerships, we are able to further insulate our recipients against potential relapses. 

Located in Bexar County, SAHC’s program is relationally based and focuses on addressing the root causes of generational poverty.


Located in Kendall County, HCFS is more than a local food pantry; they help Kendall County citizens first survive a crisis and then learn to thrive in the community.


An elderly woman, who owned her house out right, had to take a mortgage on the home to pay for her late husband’s funeral. She had never asked for financial assistance before, but with a monthly mortgage payment and less social security income, she could no longer pay all her bills and was in danger of losing her home. CARES paid off the remaining mortgage and after taking financial planning classes, she has regained her financial independence.



As a nonprofit, our work is made possible through volunteers and the generous support of individuals like you. Your contribution to CARES brings our name to life, showing the community that we truly do care for one another. One hundred percent of any donation received goes toward the families in need. CARES pays directly to the provider of the assistance needed; cash is never given to the recipients.



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